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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Building Information Modeling Services Offer a Unique Way to Building Construction

AEC professionals have discovered a new approach to construction with 3D BIM Modeling. The implementation of Building Information Modeling services by the engineers and architects has revolutionized the construction sector. In fact, BIM service has now become the talk of the town as it is providing a unique way to building construction. The construction professionals are getting unbelievable productivity by implementing BIM. Different stages of the construction including the planning, designing, construction as well as the post construction operations are reaping the benefits of BIM.  A number of software applications like the Revit Structure, Revit Architecture and Revit MEP are catering BIM technology to develop building in a virtual world.

Let’s check out how BIM is facilitating construction sector in a unique way:

Generating Material Takeoff & Bill of Materials – Revit software generates material takeoffs & bill of materials in construction that help the building professionals to calculate project cost. 4D BIM tools are also used in this regard for estimating the total cost of the project. 

Facilitating Green Construction & Energy Analysis – Building Information Modeling has brought the concept of green construction in the AEC industry, facilitating the engineers and the architects to swiftly develop green buildings and perform energy analysis for the structural, architectural & MEP systems. Revit is equipped with energy analysis tools that let the BIM modelers to build energy analytical models for every building. This helps to develop energy simulations and allow constructional professionals to understand the building’s energy requirement. Moreover, based on the result of the energy analysis, BIM modelers are able to implement changes in the design for reducing energy consumption. 

Improving Communication & Project Execution – Furthermore, BIM is a powerful communication tool and helps in successful project execution. Parametric models developed during the pre-construction stage are quickly communicated to all the team members involved in the construction project and removes confusion and delay in work. The Revit models can easily collaborate with each other, leading to high quality error-free models.

Opt for the best Building Information Modeling Service provider and make revolutionary differences in project execution.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Benefits of Building Information Modeling Services

While Computer Aided Drafting portrays construction elements with lines defining the structural geometry, Building Information Modeling creates structural elements as intelligent objects with parametric data, along with the physical dimensions. Every BIM model element can relate to the other objects and designs. Moreover, objects in the BIM walls could be stretched, joined and moved as and when required.  When a wall extends from the foundation to level 1 in BIM, the height of the wall gets adjusted automatically with parametric change. The doors and the windows are also aware of their relationship to the walls where they are placed and behave accordingly for making adjustment. 

Let’s check out a few benefits of using Building Information Modeling Services:

Risk Mitigation – The risk for a construction project automatically gets changed with the use of BIM.  The project participants can work with a collaborative and integrated approach. Hence, measures can be taken for mitigating an increased area of risk through insurance, contract change and policy change. A balance is struck in BIM for having collaboration between parties and managing changed risk profiles.

Design Collaboration –
Building Information Modeling changes the designing approach by facilitating collaboration between different participants at the early stage of construction. This establishes the initial framework and includes the various levels of detailing. Designers can explore different concepts, conduct value engineering and optimize their designs accordingly. Besides, BIM helps the contractors to review construction, coordinate drawings and create shop drawings. In addition the owners can optimize building maintenance and monitor the cost of project life cycle. 

IT Reliance–
BIM has placed increased reliance upon IT and with this comes the need to have safety measures like careful access right control and audit trail recording. Since BIM model is at the core of project, technical support facilities like bandwidth limits and compatibility issues are considered to a great extent. 

BIM is catering to the designers, owners and constructors by enabling collaboration among them in a way that the construction industry has never known before. Opt for the best Building Information Modeling Service provider and speed up your construction project in a streamlined way. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why 3D Modeling is Vital for Construction Sector?

3D drafting services have brought about improvement and efficiency in the construction sector.  A good number of organizations have opted for 3D modeling to improve on the building design, creation and marketing. 3D model helps to present an idea to the potential clients and to other members of the company in a clear way. Moreover, changes can be made in the 3D model quickly for incorporating new ideas and suggestions from clients and company members. Now, you may ask how the marketing efforts of the company are improved in 3D? The answer is simply by presenting the building model in an animated way to the clients for showcasing its features and functions. Furthermore, the computerized info helps to automate the production machinery of the company.

Let’s now check out why 3D modeling is imperative to construction industry?

Wide Sharing Capability - 3d models can be easily uploaded on a website and thus can be shared widely with people through internet, overcoming geographical barriers.

Graphical Surface Representation – A graphical representation of a surface can be obtained in 3D, which is often used in maps. This digital elevation or terrain model helps in making surface analysis.  

Prototype Designing – 3D CAD modeling creates prototype of a building. Consequently, it helps the 3D modelers to manipulate the building model without redrawing different views.

3d modeling has become a blessing for the builders and the architects. They can see how the construction project or the building appears on the computer without having to lay a brick. Moreover, this eliminates the need for making costly alterations in the middle of the project. As a result, huge time and money are saved. Opt for one of the best providers of 3D Drafting services and 3D BIM modeling solutions for your building construction and deliver the project with utmost accuracy to clients.  

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