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Saturday, July 7, 2018

BIM Shaping the Future of Architectural Design in USA & UK

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is shaping the future of Architectural Design in USA. The BIM work process helps to eliminate the mistakes and reduce wastages. Virtual construction in 3D BIM resolves potential construction issues by generating RFIs and collaborating with project consultants and architects. BIM assists architects in the process of design development through various stages of design development such as concept design, schematic design and construction documentation. Sun path is also simulated for accessing building performance.

Key BIM Services for Architects include:

  • BIM Design Development & Coordination

Design Evolution process includes Concept Design, Schematic and Detailed Design Development.

  •  Visualization through BIM

BIM helps design verification by ensuring that the architectural design meets client requirement through virtual mockup of building. A virtual tour of a proposed building is created through 3D renderings & walkthroughs. This helps in visualizing project before construction.

  • Construction Documentation

Building Information Modeling assists architects to transform drawings to BIM work process, providing content development for Revit Families. Instances of Revit Families include Cabinet, Drawer, Doors, Mechanical Equipment and more.

Significant BIM Architectural Projects include:
  • Commercial Complex
  • Hospital
  • Retail Store
  • Research Center
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Water Distribution
  • Sewage Treatment Plant

Whether you are looking for Architectural Design in USA, Revit Fabrication USA, BIM Coordination Services in UK or BIM Drafting Services UK, contact one of the global BIM companies and revolutionize your construction process. BIM Coordination helps to re-route utilities, change elevation & re-size elements. Opt for BIM and eliminate rework during the construction phase, saving time and money.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Maximize Chance of Winning Construction Projects with BIM

Want to improve your chance of winning construction projects in USA? Implement BIM in your construction workflow and maximize your Return on Investment. Be it construction program validation, rendering & visualization, safety or real time conceptual modeling & cost planning, BIM can provide you all benefits that will help to add value to your construction by avoiding rework.
Let’s find out how BIM helps in marketing BIM presentation in USA?

·         Improved Construction Visualization - BIM helps to improve construction visualization through virtual representation such as crane arm’s reach for precise planning of the number of crane placement. Construction visualization helps to meet the exact business requirement of clients with professional graded animations, modeling, rendering and texturing.

·         General Walkthroughs & Virtual Tour - Representation of exact material & layout for virtual visualization – 360 degree interactive video helps to create interactive sessions with prospective clients standing at a particular spot. 3D BIM Walkthroughs are realistic and artistic, offering clients a feeling of actual moving through the interiors and exteriors of a building. This helps patrons to navigate construction on their own terms. Seek 3D Walkthroughs to make a winning situation for your clients and let them experience a realistic feel of the building.

·         Safety Factors – You can identify risk before construction like preplanned crane movement path for safety and thus can avoid major accident on site. For instance, you can identify the right way where a vehicle should come and can avoid fatal accident.

Building Information Modeling makes a winning situation for the construction professionals by letting them experience an actual feel of the building size as well as layout.  You can resolve potential clashes with BIM and make an integrated approach to clash detection. Besides, you can ensure ease of access, maintenance provisions and facility management through BIM. Get in touch with a competent BIM Service company providing clash coordination services in USA and make comprehensive clash detection prior to construction. Spool drawings can also be generated from the BIM Model for accurate on-site and off-site prefabrication. Make use of BIM for your marketing presentation and maximize ROI for construction.

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