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Monday, November 20, 2017

How Concrete Contractors are benefited from BIM?

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials. It is often used by the property owners in residential and commercial constructions for the ease of access, high durability, minimal maintenance, withstanding to high weather conditions and fire-safety. In order to add value to construction and reduce construction cost, concrete contractors are increasingly depending on BIM. The virtual construction of 3D BIM Models for the concrete trades helps the contractors in various construction projects such as retail chains, commercial, healthcare, schools, dams, bridges and dams. 

Let’s now take a look at the BIM Services through which the Concrete Contractors get benefitted?

1.       Model Creation of Cast in Place, Pre-Cast & Reinforcement – Constructible Parametric BIM Model provides component oriented design and planning for concrete

2.       Analysis of Constructability – Virtual project construction enables review of construction plan & specifications, streamlining projects for bidding, cost estimation & enhanced productivity

3.       Lift Drawings – Concrete Lift drawings undergo meticulous checking for design discrepancy, codes, coordination and constructability

4.       4D Construction Phasing – Visualizing the whole series of construction, understanding progress of construction throughout project lifetime

5.       Quantity Take-off – Accurate quantity generation and conceptual estimate for every concrete element such as steel reinforcement, surface area and concrete volume
6.       Bar Bending Schedule – Manages reinforcement bars & offers breakdown of bars by diameter, cross sectional views, length, weight and more

If you are in concrete trade, don’t shy away from implementing BIM! Choose the best BIM service provider for concrete who is conversant in working with prevalent international software applications and maximize your return on investment.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Contractors Managing Fire Protection Systems Better with BIM

Fire Protection Contractors are depending on BIM for managing fire protection systems in a better way.  The 3D BIM Model creation helps them create hydraulic calculation and place bracing on drawings.  They can also build a mechanical system for the preparation of riser diagrams and running fire protection systems in an improved manner.

Let’s now check out the advantages of opting for BIM Modeling & Fire Fighting Design Validation:

BIM Modeling Advantages

·         Streamline communication while supporting spatial visibility of joints, system layout
·          Revit adds data-rich families to BIM, enhancing fire stop detailing
·          Offers valuable life-cycle info to contractors
·         Incorporate shared parameters to create schedules & take-offs
·         Maximizing pre-design by pre-fabricating system components
·         Reduction of wastage in material & field labor at the time of project delivery

Design Validation Advantages

·         Fire sprinkler systems designed with greater efficiency
·         Various design options simulated & analyzed to develop cost-effective solutions
·         Checking sprinkler coverage & impediments to sprinkler spray outline
·         Providing sufficient sprinklers close to the obstructions
·         Offering flushing and auto air release valves

Choose fire protection modeling and fire fighting design validation services from the leading BIM solution provider and reduce the risk of costly changes later.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How can you get benefited from Scanned PDF-TIFF Conversion?

Organizations choose CAD drafting services for legacy paper drawing conversion into CAD drawings. CAD drafting specialists deal with building documentation and CAD platforms such as AutoCAD, MicroStation and more. Professionals are capable of reproducing construction documents including plans, elevations, sections and other details. Moreover, they can generate drawings from red lines, existing blueprints and sketches. Since, the global CAD service provides have thousands of clients, they can provide you high quality drawings.

Let’s weigh up the benefits of CAD drafting & scanned PDF-TIFF conversion:

1.       Time Saving: CAD professionals can help you to save time. They work on various files and help to reduce the time for converting a single file, enhancing fast delivery.

2.       Cost Saving:  CAD drafting services can help you to reduce 50% cost.

3.     Various Service Offerings: You can get a wide array of CAD drafting services including scanned PDF/ TIFF Conversion, standardization of drawings; redline markups, indexing & renaming, bulk drawing conversion and more. Moreover, if you focus on scanned PDF-TIFF conversion, you can get Legacy Drawing Conversions, As Built Drawings, Fire Evacuation Maps, Piping & Instrumentation Drawings, Electrical Plans & Panel Layouts, Site Plans and more.

Find out one of the best CAD drafting solutions and customize your scanning process to suit specific drawing requirement. You can also solve integration between paper drawings & AutoCAD conversion.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Minimize Risk of Costly Changes with MEP BIM Design Validation

BIM services are much in demand by the MEP firms. BIM implementation helps to validate the design for constructability, performance, applicable codes and maintenance. If you want to minimize the risk of costly changes, go for MEP BIM modeling services. A wide array of design options are simulated for developing cost-effective solutions such as:

1.       Design Analysis for Mechanical Ducting – BIM offers design development support for mechanical ducting such as load analysis, CFM calculation, duct and terminal sizing, ESP calculation, duct routing optimization, air balancing, pressure loss report and more.

2.       Design Support for Plumbing- Building Information Modeling also helps plumbing trade to validate design for constructability. Whether it’s a case of assigning fixture units, layout generation, pipe flow calculation, pressure drop calculation, pump head calculation or designing drainage, plumbing design support through BIM can actually help you to reduce risk of costly changes.

3.       Design Validation for Firefighting & Electrical Trade – Furthermore, BIM is significant for firefighting and electrical trades. Fire fighting design validations include design development for sprinkler layouts, pipe design as per pipe schedule, obstruction checking to sprinkler spray pattern, providing auto air release value and more. Electrical design development support extended by BIM comprises of Lighting and Small Power, Cable Tray Routes, Fire Alarm.

Seek MEP design development from the leading BIM service provider and get rid of the chance of enhancing risk of costly changes.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Transcon International All Set to Cater AEC Firms in Switzerland

Building Information Modeling or BIM has gained popularity across the construction sector. Construction professionals are increasingly adopting this technology to mitigate the risk of building projects and avoid the cost of rework. Transcon International based in Zurich, Switzerland has partnered with Pinnacle Infotech – the global BIM service provider to offer BIM services in Dach, Eastern Europe & Russia, Spain & Latam and Nordics.

Whether its BIM services in Switzerland or BIM consulting in Switzerland, Transcon in collaboration with Pinnacle is all set to cater various industry verticals like airport, medical center, hospital, stadium, retail chain, dams, bridges, shopping malls and more.

Core BIM Services offered by Transcon in Switzerland include:

·         3D BIM Model Creation

·         Clash Resolution among trades

·         Shop Drawing Preparation

·         Bill of Materials/Quantity Take-off

·         Laser Scan/Point Cloud Data

·         Facility Management

·         4D Construction Simulation

·         Revit Family Content Creation

Level of Detailing 100 – 500 is used on the basis of international codes for detailed model creation. In addition, international software platforms are used such as Revit, Tekla, Bentley, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Point Cloud, A-360 Collaboration to facilitate project coordination. Furthermore, Transcon-Pinnacle’s process orientation and quality control is as per ISO standards.

So, choose Transcon International and save cost for AEC firms, eliminating error at design stage & reducing rework. You may also trust Transcon for real estate investment in Europe.

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