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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why are CAD Conversion services important for the Power generation and distribution industry?

Power Generation and Distribution industry is the backbone of growth of all economies globally. Any flaw, however minor, in the cable-conduit plans; wiring; electrical control building; etc. can create a worse impact later on!
Hence, it is mandatory to be cautious with the entire planning/mapping of process for the Power Industry. Hence, it is the need of the hour to implement Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) conversion services of the hard copies of all important documents pertaining to the Power Generation and Distribution industry.
What are the benefits of implementing CAD services in the Power Sector?
  • Isn’t it helpful if the hard copies of the documents that fade away with time are converted into apt CAD data formats? Importantly, the documents are editable by users, for innumerable numbers of time. ‘Editable’ documents are must for updating any renovations or alterations.
  • The documents are very easily presentable. Again, they require minimal storage spaces which are generally in Kilo-bytes (Kb). Thus, CAD data files portray easy storage and retrieval.
  • The CAD data files are scalable and secured from intrusive data thefts or mishandling.
 Pinnacle Infotech Incorporation, headquartered at Houston, USA is a global leader of CAD services and have a large client base in the Power Generation and Distribution Industry. We are privileged to possess a pool of talented Senior Engineers, Draftsmen and Architects with years of professional experience on offering CAD service solutions.
Services provided to the Power Generation and Distribution industry
Pinnacle Infotech Inc. provides the following services to the Power Industry:
  1. Legacy Drawing Conversion
  2. Electrical wiring plans and myriad Panel Layouts
  3. Providing Piping & Instrumentation Designs (P&ID)
  4. Detailing and indexing
  5. Accurate 3D modeling services
  6. Apt Geo-Space Mapping services.
Our drafting services are dimensionally accurate. In the last decade, we have generated approximately 1.2 Million CAD conversions of paper drawings. We adhere to the international CAD standards while implementing our projects.
Pinnacle Infotech is a global leader in the CAD conversion services. We ensure that the CAD conversion services are delivered on time after going through strict Quality Control methodologies. Ensuring data security and a year’s warranty on our delivered services make Pinnacle Infotech highly reliable among the power plants globally. If you are interested in associating with us, feel free to Contact Us or call at 713 780 2135 (Houston office). 


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