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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Coordinate Construction Activities with BIM Services

Are you a general contractor looking for coordinating and simulating your construction activities? Opt for Building Information Modeling (BIM) services for general contractors and  get the perfect solution in this regard. Whether you want 3D BIM Visualization, 4D Construction Phasing Simulation, BIM Document Management, BIM facility management system or marketing presentation with 3D BIM, choose the best BIM service provider and match your construction workflow.  

Now, what are the BIM services for general contractors that will help you to plan your construction activities effectively?

Ø  Marketing Presentations with Site Logistics & Walkthroughs: BIM marketing presentations will help you to stand out from competitors and win projects. These presentations include walkthrough of the project, 3D rendered images, 4d construction phasing, site logistics as well as mockups. 

Ø  3D Modeling & Visualization:  If you want to streamline your construction activities, opt for 3D Modeling & Visualization. This will help you to coordinate among all stakeholders for quick decision making during design and preconstruction phase. Constructability review resolves issues for seamless construction and 3D Visualization allows all project participants to effectively share design and identify errors in the early construction stages.

Ø  Quantity Take-Off:  Moreover, quantity take-off through 3D BIM modeling will help you generate automated and accurate quantities for your construction. It also determines the associated labor and material cost.  You can quickly detect the  conditions of the assets through model exploration and thus can provide adequate time for price optimization.

Ø  As-Built Drawing Preparation:  Furthermore, as-built drawing preparation from 3D BIM Model serves as a comprehensive reference tool for you. It will help you to make future project planning for extension, renovation & redevelopment. You can get all details pertaining to the dimension of building, fabrication, location and elevation from As-Built Drawings and can use them for resolving disputes.

Find out the leading BIM service provider for general contractors and reduce risk in construction.


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