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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

San Francisco, CA. (Aug25, 2015) – Like the apple is to ‘gravity’, so is BIM to construction. Yes, you heard it right! Here is your opportunity to be a little BIMological with us at the ‘Electrical Fair’ of NECA!
Standing out in a crowd
Right from the inception, we at Pinnacle Infotech, have overreached all pinnacles and carved out a niche for ourselves. Our excellence has been matched by only a few and we are proud of our standards. Awards and recognitions from both the industry and the government have trickled in steadily in recognition of our excellence. We are proud of the fact that NASSCOM, the leading IT trade association, has named us among the Top IT innovators on four occasions (2006, 2007, 2008, and 20011).
The successful completion of more than 4000 BIM projects in 30 countries is proof of our strong presence in the global playing fields and enriched us with a deep sense of understanding of the international building codes and procedures. Our global delivery system enables us to be in constant contact with our clients, transcending geographical limits.
Goodbye 2D
The introduction of 3D BIM to the electrical construction industry, has almost bid adieu to the days of 2D charts and drawings. Our imagination and enterprise convert your dreams to reality.
Team Pinnacle specializes in the virtual construction of 3D BIM electrical models of conduits, cable trays, lighting fixtures, fire alarms, and other electrical equipment that are based on the contract drawings, manufacturers’ specifications, and clients’ standards. We can create detailed electrical room models to show the electrical connections among the panels and transformers. We are known for providing Value Engineering and Design Validations to clients to help them improve their efficiency and save on costs.
Virtual constructions of projects with BIM enable independent Reviews of the Construction Plans and Specifications. This helps to identify discrepancies in drawings and addresses all constructability issues at the preconstruction stage itself. During the constructability review, our BIM team generates a series of RFI’s to help identify the following types of constructability and operational issues:
  • Missing information / documents
  • Input inconsistencies
  • Conflicting data
  • Operation clearance issues
  • Maintenance access
The BIM model is updated based on responses of RFI’s and so the status of all RFI’s is maintained in a log and follow-up is done to resolve them at the preconstruction stage. This helps to eliminate work stoppages and unnecessary reworks during construction. 
Imagination meets Productivity
When it comes to Pinnacle everything starts BIMologically! Our intelligent solutions are actually the digital prototypes of our creativity and aid us to simulate your imaginative faculties about the wonders that can be created by this modern and new technology. Fortunately, since you are reading this article, you are in the cradle of the BIM revolution.
So, why wait???
Make your imagination happen!!!
Be with us at the NECA event in San Francisco at Booth #535.
Where we believe in shaping your Vision!!
To add Pinnacle Infotech in your Expo Plan for the NECA event, you can click on our NECA ebooth widget present at the right corner of our event page link
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