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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BIM Consulting - A Perfect Way To Reduce Business Cost

Do you want to reduce business cost through BIM implementation? Opt for BIM Consulting Services and manage your project delivery with BIM. There are a number of benefits for BIM Implementation including 3D Visualization of Building Space, Improved Constructability Analysis, Detection and Resolution of Component clashes, Quick Quantity Estimate, Exploration of Design Options in Conceptual Stage, Facilities Management and lots more.

Now, let’s check out the benefits of BIM Consulting Services:

Ø  3D Visualization of Building Space – If you want to review the design elements of construction with respect to other building systems, choose BIM Consulting. 3D Visualization helps to share project images effectively and identify errors in the early construction stage. It resolves all construction issues and brings life to the models. Different types of software applications are used for this purpose like Autodesk 3D Rendering & Design Visualization software. Whether its abstract or photo realistic visualization, 3D visualization ensures a design vision before the beginning of construction. It meets the specific business needs of clients with professional animation, modeling and rendering.

Ø  Improved Constructability Analysis – BIM Consulting Services will help to review constructability for various trades like HVAC Sheet Metal Model Creation, Mechanical Piping, Plumbing and Medical Gas System Model. Building Information Modeling generates automatic construction documents and provides conduit locations, fixture as well as tray layouts related to wall placement. Virtual project construction in Building Information Modeling helps you to review construction plan by identifying discrepancies in drawings and other constructability issues before construction.

Ø  Detection & Resolution of Clashes – Moreover, by seeking BIM consulting services, you can check clashes among building systems, visualize schematic structures before construction and thus can plan your project in a better way. Consequently, this will help you to eliminate rework during construction phase, saving time & money. You can easily get your clashes resolved among various trades such as architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing by re-routing utilities, changing elevation and re-sizing elements.

Find out the leading BIM service provider offering BIM consulting services and make an integrated approach to construction.


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