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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Find Text Content Using ‘Wildcard’ in Autocad

The ‘FIND’ command helps a user to find Text / Mtext content. Often, we have to change our existing text content as per project drawing file needs. Often our modeling and design need to be changed as per site requirement and revised engineering concept. Consequently, the BIM information has to be changed. Whenever the textual information needs revision, the ‘FIND and Replace’ command is effective.

We can easily find and replace text with the ‘FIND’ command. Replacement is based only on the text content. However, the text justification, layer and properties should remain unchanged.

While searching for the text in 3D environment, the viewport will be temporarily changed to a 2D viewport, so that the text isn’t blocked by 3D objects in the drawing.

If we use only simple wildcard feature, it can start with a W and single character (If the character place holder is changed, then the logic will be changed for another place holder). In order to select by the build logical wildcard character, the user needs to have clear knowledge on matched place holder of numeric (1,2,3) and alphabetic character (A,B,C), special character (?, “, ‘ etc.)

§  Zoom to Highlighted Result Button

The selected object can be zoomed in the list. The user can also zoom to a result while double-clicking the selected object.

§  Create Selection Set (Highlighted) Button

This helps to create a selection set from the objects that contain the text highlighted on the list of results. All the selected objects must be located either in model space or in a single layout.

§  Create Selection Set (All) Button:

A selection set can be created from all the objects that contain the text on the list of results. The objects must be located either in model space or in single layout.

FIND helps the user to search several wild-card characters. The Definition & Characters are provided in the following:


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