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Friday, August 23, 2019

Visit NECA 2019 and Learn About the Latest Advancement of Electrical Construction Industry

Get ready to learn insights about the electrical construction industry at NECA Show 2019 scheduled on Sept 14th-17th this year in one of the most iconic city Las Vegas. Las Vegas with its every changing culture has become the perfect ground to explore world’s innovative imagination and new ideas. Convention and Trade Shows like NECA are incubators of emerging technological concepts, fast evolving transformations and leading trends to influence your future works.
The NECA show is a dedicated event for the $160 Billion Electrical construction industry that is responsible for light, power and communication technology to buildings and other civil projects. NECA show is the fastest and most effective way to source new services and new products. 

Attend NECA 2019, Not To Miss Out On These Learning Opportunities 

You will take home the most pursued insights about the latest advancement of the electrical construction industry after attending NECA show 2019. Knowledge and visions you get from global leaders at NECA show 2019 will inspire you to think out of the box and will encourage your creative mind to build something new and quite unique. By attending NECA 2019, it will be easier for you to understand what you need to do to streamline productivity while being on a job. NECA 2019 includes opportunities like

    70+ education sessions
    Product presentation Theatre
    Showstopper Showcase
    Technical Workshops
    NECA health Zone
    Meet Global industry leaders at Trade Show

With hundreds of companies showcasing 1000’s of products, you will leave NECA 2019 with the confidence to take charge of your business. Not only you will get prospects and opportunity to learn from industry leaders but will also get the chance to grow your professional network. Meet and greet 

    Thousands of C-Level Executives
    Project managers
    Purchasing Agents
    Safety Directors
    Distributors and Electrical Construction Decision-makers

What can you expect to learn from Scott Pittman, VP of Pinnacle InfoTech? 

Grow your business network and get introduced to varied innovative ideas at Booth no: 2836. BIM giant Pinnacle InfoTech is exhibiting at NECA 2019 Trade Show at this particular Booth. To understand how world-class BIM enabled electrical construction tools can shape the future of all your electrical construction ventures, don’t miss the opportunity to interact to Mr Scott Pittman. Visit the dedicated booth and understand different aspects associated with 3D electrical BIM.

Talk to Mr Scott Pittman, at Booth No: 2836, and learn about these deliverables 

From 3D Electrical modeling design validation to 3D electrical BIM with constructability Review and Analysis, you will get to pick up how different BIM deliverables can help you to simplify the workflow of even the most complex projects. The interactive session with Mr Scott Pittman, an industry veteran with 33+ years of experience will help you to understand how implementing 3D electrical BIM methodologies can increase your return on investment on electrical construction projects. Miss out at your own risk!


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