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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Conduct Coordination Meeting in 3D BIM Modeling?

Today, high-end BIM tools are used by the engineers, architects and the 3D modelers. Some of them include Revit Structure, Revit MEP and Revit Architecture. However, these tools will be beneficial, only if you know how to use it efficiently for construction planning and designing.  Now, how will you deal with potential coordination issues during the preconstruction stage? What will you do for conducting an effective BIM Coordination Meeting? Remember, if you can’t run an effective BIM coordination meeting, you won’t be able to understand the actual benefits offered by 3D BIM Modeling.

Let’s check out a few tips in this regard for conducting BIM coordination meetings effectively:

Start Practicing –Practice makes a man perfect. So, if you practice, you can conduct productive meetings.  Navigate the models and load the right models and visibility settings. Spend 10 minutes to focus on the areas of work, before loading models. This will save your waiting time during the meeting.

Assign a Driver – At times, models can be quite cumbersome and may cause delay to the meeting, if a group has to watch somebody poorly navigating the model.  This also kills the productivity. So, it’s better to assign a driver who will be familiar with the model and will have confidence with the software.

Utilize Time Efficiently - Make a wise utilization of team time. It’s not required to have the full team at the same time in one room. Split the meeting into structured trades. If required, meet the structural engineers for reviewing structural coordination during the first half, keep some overlapping time with structural and MEP for common coordination and finalize the meeting with MEP specific coordination.

Stay Focused with Meeting Notes – Always stay focused with Meeting Notes. Open action items and do your homework from the earlier meeting sessions to discuss relevant points in the current meeting. This will help you to be on track and resolve coordination problems before moving ahead to a new thing.

Following these tips will help you conduct coordination meeting in 3D BIM Modeling effectively. 

Inform your team about the process at the beginning of the construction project. Even if this process involves a big time commitment initially, it helps to save time in the long run. 

Let the team know about the process right from the beginning to meet your project expectations. 


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