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Monday, August 22, 2016

Innovate Construction with BIM Services

Looking for BIM engineering solutions to get real value for your construction? Get comprehensive BIM services from Pinnacle Infotech and save construction cost by avoiding errors at design stage. Building Information Modeling innovates construction through the implementation of advanced technologies and enhances your construction workflow and quality of building design. Competent BIM engineering services  include 3d Visualization, 3D Modeling, Clash Coordination, 3D BIM Marketing Presentation, 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services, 4d Construction Simulation and Revit Family Content Creation for analyzing building performance.

Let’s check out their benefits of BIM services in this regard:

Ø  3D Visualization – Starting from abstract to photo realistic visualization, 3D BIM visualization ensures a design vision, before construction. 3Ds Max and Revit are used to make BIM models with professional animation and rendered images, including realistic texture with artificial lighting.

Ø  3D Modeling – Coordinated 3D models can check possible interference among building systems and offer better project planning. The models eliminate major system conflicts before installation.

Ø  Clash Coordination – Clashes are resolved among architectural, structural, MEP, fire protection, concrete and other trades by sharing 3D clash Navis viewpoints. Utilities are re-routed, elevations are changed and elements are re-sized for resolving clashes. 

Ø  Marketing Presentation – Bids are secured through 3D BIM Marketing Presentation of high quality rendered images, 4D Construction Simulation, Site Logistics and Walkthrough Animations. BIM is used in an innovative way for making an effective project representation, winning competitive bids. 

Ø  Laser Scan Point Cloud Services – Accurate 3D models are created for renovation and extension work from scan data, allowing reliability and quality assurance. Construction scan to BIM Model offers better platform for detailed design work. As Built Drawings are often prepared for Plan, Elevation as well as Section Sheet for various trades.

So, why are you waiting for? 
Contact one of the leading BIM service providers and find your BIM flavor.


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