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Monday, May 8, 2017

Core BIM Expertise


Pinnacle’s 3D modeling allows architectural firms to review design elements with respect to other building systems and services on any project. Our BIM, 3D visualization and 3D rendering services allow stakeholders involved in the construction process to share project image effectively and identify errors and inconsistencies in the early stages of construction. We specialize in the virtual construction of 3D BIM models, using a wide array of inputs including design contents, contract drawings, specification sheets and hand sketches. We use Autodesk 3D rendering & Design Visualization software to bring life to our BIM models. Starting from the abstract to photo realistic visualization, our 3D visualization ensures a design vision, before the beginning of the construction project. We are leveraging 3Ds Max and Revit to make our BIM models meet the exact business requirement of our clients with professional graded animation, rendering, modeling and texturing. Check out more on 3D BIM Visualization.


Our pre-construction site logistics include a visual representation of comprehensive planning and implementation services for our clients. Starting from the project conception stage, we offer a dedicated planning and estimation. We make a careful project evaluation for offering customized logistic solution and have gathered our expertise by working with the main contractors and sub-contractors. Our logistic solutions ensure a safe and efficient work environment for all site workers. We submit site logistics plans to the master developers before the beginning of actual construction and site establishment. Our plan details the access to the site & plot, lay-down & loading area, hoisting area, crane placement area, bus pick-up & canteen area, security gates & concrete pump areas, truck discharge location and several other information, that get submitted to our clients for approval. Read more on pre-construction site logistics.


We generate coordinated models using BIM and allow our clients to check possible interference among all building systems. Our 3D BIM models help the construction companies to visualize schematic structures before construction and thus can offer better project planning for our clients. We detect clashes for eliminating major system conflicts before installation.  Read more on our 3D BIM Modeling Services & BIM coordination services:

Coordinated Model - Enlarged Telecom Room

Coordinated Model – Plant Room

3D Revit Model – Electrical Sub-station


Jeddah Tower – 3D Images

Illumination Calculation – Dialux- Revit Model of Typical Residential Floor

3D Rendering View - Dialux 

4D is an extension of 3D with the time included in addition to the other three dimensions. Our 4d simulation helps all the project participants including the architects, contractors, designers and the owners to visualize the whole series of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities throughout the lifetime of project. We link project construction sequencing or the schedule to our BIM model and show the real time simulation of construction sequence in an animated video. Our clients can compare the planned and the actual construction schedule throughout the project life cycle, based on our 4D presentation. They can explore 4D construction simulation for supporting construction planning and can assess the impact of proposed design on construction schedule and work process.


Our Shop /Installation drawings facilitate workshop fabrication and on-site installation and are generated automatically from the HVAC models. We create Shop Drawings in accordance with the project standards and help the contractors, suppliers, fabricators and manufacturers during construction.  Our Shop Drawings include Penetration Drawings, Sleeve Drawings, Insert Layout Drawings and Spool Drawings. We produce the exact sleeves, penetration & hanger locations from our BIM models and the drawings can be downloaded directly into GPS instruments at site for making fast & accurate layout. Our shop drawings include all information for the engineers and architects as per the approved submittals, design drawings and other specifications. Check out more on BIM shop drawings.

3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services

Point Cloud to BIM Services (Laser Scan to BIM Conversion In Revit)

Pinnacle is the most preferred option for point cloud to BIM services. We capture detailed information about an element in physical space and allow precise and accurate modeling, coordination & quantity take-off. We have executed several projects during renovation and extension stage for international clients. 3D scanning helps the different stages of construction like 3D model creation, visualization, animation, rendering and quality inspection. Our 3D Laser Scanning Point Cloud Services are required by major construction companies, builders, architects and contractors for preparing various models of Architectural, Structural & MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection) elements like exterior & interior walls, doors, windows, ceiling, curtain walls, floor, roof, major furniture & fixtures, structural column, wall, beam & slab, bracing, trusses, floor & roof framing, duct, pipes, cable tray, light fixture, electrical outlet and other equipment.


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