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Monday, October 16, 2017

BIM Saving Time for Mechanical Contractors

MEP BIM is offering sustainable solutions for mechanical contractors across the globe. Several construction projects are executed in BIM, which plays a crucial role in design, coordination and management. Bentley, Revit, AutoCAD and other international software applications are used for BIM project execution.

Laying groundwork in mechanical BIM 
Now, how the groundwork is laid in BIM? The model gets created from the contract document as per the specifications given by the mechanical contractors, submittals and applicable construction codes.

Process of Mechanical BIM Implementation 

i.    Constructability Review
ii.    3D Model Creation
iii.    Shop Drawing Preparation
iv.    Quantity Take-Off (BOQ)

Why BIM is a necessity for MEP Trade?
Now, why do you think BIM has become a necessity today? BIM helps to make the process of mechanical construction easy by resolving input challenges, detecting clashes as well as maintenance and accessibility issues. Moreover, space constraint & cut-out location correction are identified.

So, why are you getting stuck from implementing BIM for your mechanical trade? Say ‘Yes’ to BIM adoption and save your precious time and money for construction. In addition to cost reduction, you can avoid work stoppage and rework. What more, you will be assured of reduced job site congestion, safe working environment and improved manpower performance!


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