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Friday, October 20, 2017

Cast-in-Place 3D BIM Models Adding Value to Concrete Projects

Virtual BIM Model construction is now a necessity for construction professionals. Whether you are from mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire-protection, architectural, structural or concrete trades, model creation helps to address coordination problems effectively.

Let’s find out how 3D BIM Modeling of Cast-in-Place, Pre-cast and Reinforcement are catering to concrete contractors?
  • Accurate, comprehensive and constructible parametric modeling provided for design & plan
  • BIM addressed documentation of concrete structure
  • Casting Shop drawings from BIM help to streamline construction process
  • Effective Bidding, Cost-estimate & Field Construction
  • Enhance productivity with Cast-in-Place 3D BIM Models
  • Improved Dynamic Rebar Detailing

Usage of Cast-In Place BIM Models for Concrete
  • By making use of Building Information Modeling, rebar detailing & shop drawings are improved
  • Moreover, intelligent rebar objects are prepared for integration with structural BIM models
  • BIM helps to merge pre-cast concrete with building materials like reinforced concrete & steel
  • Competent project management & flawless collaboration occur through building chain
  • Concrete elements get modeled in BIM including beams, walls, slabs, joists, tilt-up panels
Choose BIM services for concrete contractors and get 3D Modeling of Cast in Place (CIP), Precast Concrete & Reinforcement.  Opting for concrete BIM Modeling will help you to get accurate Constructability Analysis, Lift Drawings, 4D Construction Phasing and Quantity Take-off.


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